Welcome to the Iowa State University Ombuds Office

Free, confidential ombuds services are offered to help faculty, staff, postdocs, and graduate and professional students resolve university-related matters. MWI, a nationally recognized ombuds and dispute resolution firm, is offering remote services on an interim basis. More information about MWI and a confidential communication form can be found at www.mwi.org/isu-ombuds or by calling 617-895-4026. Two ombuds are available now to work with Iowa State faculty and staff:

  • Dina Eisenberg, J.D., a seasoned mediator, and former corporate ombuds for Bank of America, loves to help managers and employees to clarify their needs and goals then explore to workable solutions. Dina developed an understanding of the uniqueness of academic life from her time as Ombuds for Berklee College of Music. Dina can be reached at: dina-ombuds@mwi.org.
  • Chuck Doran is an experienced ombuds, mediator, and dispute resolution professional who’s looking forward to working with faculty, staff, and graduate students to surface and resolve matters facing the ISU community. Chuck can be reached at: chuck-ombuds@mwi.org.

Employees have a choice of working with either Dina or Chuck.

As a reminder, ombuds services are independent, neutral, and confidential. They are an informal resource for employees, but are not meant to replace an employee’s ability and responsibility to speak with their manager to informally resolve issues.

The University Ombuds Office reports to Associate Provost for Faculty Dawn Bratsch-Prince in the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost.



    Dina Eisenberg, JD | dina-ombuds@mwi.org

    Chuck Doran | chuck-ombuds@mwi.org