Services Available through the Ombuds Office

Sounding Board

Sometimes it helps to just talk about a situation. Go right ahead – we’ll listen.

Discussion of Possible Options

Options can be hard to see when a problem looms large. We’ll take an unbiased look at your situation and help you find choices you may have overlooked (or didn’t know were there).

Communication Coaching/Strategies

Need help figuring out how to say something to someone? We can talk about the best strategy for opening a dialogue without inflaming an already-difficult situation.

  • Facilitation/Mediation/Witnessing

    If you would like assistance having a conversation with somebody else, or your supervisor has requested you talk to somebody about something you are concerned about, we can facilitate or mediate that conversation for you. A mediated conversation is often a bit more formal than a facilitated conversation and can result in a formal agreement. We also witness conversations which means we are available to observe a meeting or a conversation in order to ensure that it is conducted professionally and respectfully and/or to debrief it afterwards with a visitor.

Policy Assistance

“Is there a policy that deals with . . . ?” If there is, we’ll help you find it.

Document Review

Not sure if that memo or email you plan to send is offensive? The Ombuds officer can take a look at your draft and help you convey your message in a professional manner.

Resource and Referral Information

The Ombuds Office can help you find organizations – both on and off campus – that provide you with the assistance or service that you need.

Education and Outreach

If you or your group would like to learn more about conflict management (or related topics), contact the Ombuds Office to learn more. Services can be tailored to suit your specific needs.