What happens when I contact the Ombuds Office?

We’ll work with you to set up a meeting.  Most people just call the Ombuds Office and request an appointment. (You don’t need to provide all the details about your concern yet – save those for your first meeting.) If you are located off-campus – whether you’re in another county, another state, or another country -- the Ombuds Officer will work with you to set up meeting arrangements that are mutually agreeable. The same holds true if you need a meeting time outside of normal business hours. (If you need a disability-related accommodation In order to use the Ombuds Office, just tell us.)

At the meeting, we’ll discuss your issues and options. You explain your concerns, and the Ombuds Officer will work with you to clarify the issues,  share relevant information and resource ideas, and help you define your options.

You decide what happens next. You may be ready to take action when the meeting is over – or you may want to do nothing.  The Ombuds Officer helps you discover your options, but the decision about what to do next is always yours.